Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been shooting a lot lately. Now that I think about it, I've shot over 40 models :). Yay for me. I've come a long way actually, I think my work from when I first started pales in comparison to my work now. Its crazy. I like where I'm going though. I'm becoming more and more known both by my name and my work. I even had a model fly in from Tampa just to shoot with me, and most recently a model came to Ohio from Indianapolis, she drove 4 hours for a shoot, and decided to add me to her little trip. That made me pretty happy, especially since she was cool as hell. I was a stop she didn't have to make, but she decided to anyway, I grealty appreciated it. Hmmm

Another cool thing is that people trust me. That's a pretty big deal to me, trust is something that a model needs to have for her photographer and in my eyes, if a photographer violates that trust, his disrespect should be made public for the whole industry to see. But meh, thats just what I think. I take pride knowing that the models I work with, trust me. There are models that shoot with me that dont shoot all...but have posed nude for me. This is for simple reasons...they trust me. And I'll do anything within my power to uphold that trust. ^_^

But still, I'm faced with a decision that I need to make. What direction do I take my work into? I derive my inspiration for my shoots, from the music I listen to. For example, my series "The Red" I got that idea while listening to Chevelle. Or my series "Between the Sheets" Saving Able anyone? But lately I've been listening to alot of metal, from oldschool Metallica to All that Remains. And some slow songs like "So long, goodbye" by 10 Years. So...what does this mean for me? Does this mean I should start shooting some moody, angsty themes?...

I'm tired
I'm having a little trouble breathing.
...I think I need some water.
...naaaaa....I just need to shoot more ^_^

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